Walk In Tub Types

There are many design choices to consider when picking out the Walk In Tub that will fit in your Phoenix home, and function well for you.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! This is where the accessibility experts at Independence Home Remodeling come in to help find the perfect tub for you!

Inward Swing

Inward Swing refers to the door swinging inwards towards the inside of the tub. This takes up the least amount of space and is the most common type of walk-in tub.

Outward Swing

Outward Swing refers to the door swinging outwards towards the outside of the tub. This takes more room, but allows more room to maneuver inside the tub.

Two Seated

A Two Seated Walk In Tub allows two people to bathe together while sitting comfortably.

Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Accessible tubs have a large L-shaped door that allows someone in a wheelchair to slide easily into the walk-in tub.


Laydown tubs feature an easy access door to the simple laydown style you may be used to.

Hoist Transfer Bathtub

Hoist Transfer bathtubs allow you to easily move a person into a walk-in tub.

Dog Spa

We truly have a tub for everyone! A Dog Walk In Tub allows you to safely and easily bathe your dog with their very own walk in tub.

Selecting the Right Size Tub

The next big decision you have to make is the size of the bathtub. There are many different factors to consider including needs, body type, and whether you can fit your walk in tub through the doorway and into it’s final location.

Inward Swing Door Walk In Tubs

30″W x 60″L
Seat size: 21″

30″W x 55″L
Seat size: 19.75″

32″W x 52″L
Seat size: 23.75″

30″W x 52″L
Seat size: 21.75″

28″W x 52″L
Seat size: 19.75″

Outward Swing Door Walk In Tubs

32″W x 52″L
Seat size: 23″

30″W x 52″L
Seat size: 20.75″

27″W x 60″L
Seat size: 19.5″

26″W x 45″L
Seat size: 19″

32″W x 40″L
Seat size: 20″

Wheelchair Accessible Tubs

36″W x 55″L
Seat size: 31″

30″W x 60″L
Seat size: 22″

32″W x 52″L
Seat size: 24.5″

30″W x 52″L
Seat size: 22″

26″W x 52″L
Seat size: 19.5″

Two Seat Walk In Tubs

36″W x 80″L
Seat size: 21″/26″

32″W x 60″L
Seat size: 19″/22″

30″W x 60″L
Seat size: 20″

Placement of the Walk In Tub

One consideration to keep in mind is the placement of the Walk In Tub. Placement of the tub depends on many factors including bathroom design, needs, and drain location. For instance, if your drain is located on the left side, it is typically easiest to install a walk-in tub with a drain and door on the right side. 

Bathroom Space

Another aspect to consider is how you will get your Walk In Tub into your bathroom during installation. It is important to find a Walk In Tub that will fit through your doorway. If it doesn’t, walls may need to be taken out, adding to the installation cost..

Selecting Jetting Options

Now that you’ve chosen your tub size, type of door, and size you can start considering jetting options. There are 4 main jetting options available. You will have to work with our consultation team to see how each can be incorporated into the walk in tub you’ve chosen.

There are 4 main therapeutic or massage options:
1) No jetting – just a soaking tub
2) Air massage
3) Water (hydro) massage
4) InfusionTM Micro Therapy bubble massage

5) Combination of Hydro, Air and/or InfusionTM  Micro bubble Therapy

Walk In Tub Safety Features

It is important to consider what kind of safety features are incorporated with your walk in tubs. Our walk in tubs feature a slip-resistant floor, built-in grab bars and low thresholds.

Optional Features

Many other options are available to create walk in tub customized just for you. Other features include Ozone Sterilization, Chromatherapy lighting, Aroma Therapy and more!

Walk In Tub Faucet Options

Many faucet options are available that can promote both safety, and match your home’s decor.

Ella 2 Piece Fast Fill Faucet

Ella 2 Piece Fast Fill Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Ella 5 Piece Fast Fill Faucet

Deck Mount Thermostatic Control Valve for Walk-In Bathtub

Heated Seat and Back Rest

A heated seat and backrest creates the ultimate experience when it comes to comfort, relaxation, and health benefits.

It can be helpful in times when you are waiting for your bathtub to fill up, drain, or while relaxing and maintaining warm water temperature.

Microbubble Massage Therapy

The other specialty walk in bathtub we have is the Infusion™ Therapy MicroBubble Walk In Bathtub. The MicroBubble Jet is available on the Elite, Petite, and Royal models. The MicroBubble jet is different from both the air and hydro jets as it produces billions of tiny oxygen rich bubbles, much more and much tinier than the air jet can produce. These tiny bubbles go a long way into warming, moisturizing, and exfoliating you skin. MicroBubble jets will make your bath feel silky smooth and the effects will last long after you’re finished.

4 Fold Bath Screen for a Walk In Tub

The 4 Fold Bathroom screen allows you to enjoy your walk in tub without worries of getting water everywhere. Many people like to shower in their walk in tub using the removable shower wand. A Bath screen works perfect for this purpose.

Removable Headrest and Neck Support

Increase your comfort. The headrest can be mounted on the wall or on the deck. The included suction cups makes for fast placement so you can enjoy your bath even more without having to constantly adjust your headrest.

Walk In Tub Surround

The final step in your Walk In Tub Installation is choosing what kind of surround you would like to put up. There are manufactured options such as a the Ella’s Bubbles Cultured marble surround, or we can do something completely custom for your home.

Tile, Granite, Cultured Marble, Acrylic, the options are endless.

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There’s an endless amount of options when it comes to designing a Walk In Tub. All of the options can be overwhelming, this is where our Design Team comes in. We can help you to pick out the perfect walk in tub, that will function well in your home and serve your needs.