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This tub has been fantastic. It fills reasonably fast. It’s dual drains work well as long as your original drain opening is as large as the capacity both drains put out. If not, you will need to redirect your drain to your nearest larger drain or come up with a drainage alternative for one of the drains. The tub drains in less than a minute.


Evelyn B

Phoenix Walk In Tub Reviews

I love this tub! The jets are wonderful and the tub empty’s really quickly when I’m done. It’s very easy to clean and the sanitizer for the jets is a huge bonus. Money well spent.


Stacey W

Dream Bath Walk In Tub Review

We love our Ella’s Bubbles Step-In Tub. It helps us relax and “bubble away” the stress of 2020! There have been no problems and it works even better than expected. The tub and all its hardware are very high quality and the shower lifts out attached to a long hose. Being in our 70’s and building a new bathroom, we decided a step-in tub is a must, and Ella’s Bubbles tub is a treat. The tub is easy to get into and out of. When planning the new bath, we ensured a high capacity water supply and drainage to the tub, which allows it to fill and drain very quickly.


Jan L.

Phoenix Walk In Tub Review