Walk In Tub FAQs

How much does a Walk In Tub Cost?

The Walk In Tubs that you see on TV commericials typically cost anywhere from $15,000 to $22,000 dollars.

At Dream Bath, you can expect the average installed Walk In Tub price to be around $10,000. We have less overhead, allowing us to offer a high-quality Walk In Tub, at a lower price (TV commercials are expensive!)

We have over 52 models to choose from with many different options.

How long does it take to Install a Walk In Tub?

Most Walk In Tubs can be installed in 1-2 days. Time can vary based on other bathroom work that may need to be done to accommodate a new Walk In Tub.

Why use Dream Bath for my Walk In Tub Project?

That’s a great question! Dream bath has decades of experience remodeling bathrooms. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured Arizona Contractor that has a professional team that can design and install the bathroom of your dreams. We also provide a no pressure home consultation, that is focused on your needs, not on selling you the most expensive tub.

We work with Ella’s Bubbles to provide you with the highest quality tub, with the best features, and most beautiful designs.

Why do you use Ella Walk In Tubs?

Ella provides beautiful Walk In Tubs with great features. We simply love how great they look in bathrooms, and how well they work to provide a functional, dream-like bathing experience.

Furthermore, Ella does this all with affordable prices, a lifetime warranty, and beautiful tub designs.

We are confident that you will love an Ella Walk In Tub in your home.